We chatted with Coughlin grad Ron Solt today, who played for Buddy Ryan and the Eagles from 1988-90. Hear from him tonight on .

People voting for Hillary & Elizabeth Warren look like the dumb asses who watch infomercials at 2am & eat like pigs!

Pound to dollar exchange rate recovers – a tiny bit mirror.co.uk #ICID=sharebar twitter

Whicker: Pat Summitt had chances to coach men at Tennessee; any doubt she would have won? - wp.me

==== BREAKING: police swarm 15th & Wynkoop after opens fire in office building – The denverpost.com

Pound Records First Post-Brexit Gain as Historic Selloff Abates bloom.bg via

Elizabeth Warren Is Gathering A Democratic Army To Defeat Donald Trump politicususa.com

NFL Player Zurlon Tipton Dead at 26 comicbook.com via

Ikea recall 27 million sets of drawers related to 3 deaths in US.Ironically no guns recalled after 34000 deaths in 2015. Go figure

Hillary Clinton Busts Republicans For Trying To Pass Off Old Benghazi Info As New Facts politicususa.com

RIP Zurlon Tipton: ( you were a great guy and it was a blast getting to know you while you were at CMU. Heaven gained a good one

Denver police say a gunman walked into a office building shot one person then himself thesent.nl

RECALL: Ikea recalling millions of chests katu.com First 5 were fine, the 6th you decided there may be a problem?

For those asking about - & his travel in Turkey with everything in the news tonight - he is Ok - with fellow NuffieldAg

SURPRISE! Elizabeth Warren Donors Include People Who Represent Wall Street buff.ly via

After watching Tim Tebow pray with that family on the plane it is clear that the needs much more than he needs them

Discipline helps you finish a job, and finishing is what separates excellent work from average work.” - Pat Summitt

IKEA to recall 29 million dressers, chests in U.S. on.wsj.com via

Today I bought a Zimbabwean 100 Trillion Dollar note. What with the state of the pound I wanted to invest in some reliable currency.

VIDEO Delta passengers say Tim Tebow, crew helped man in medical emergency reclaimourrepublic.wordpress.com

It was over for Bernie Sanders when Elizabeth Warren said Hillary Clinton is a fighter bcuz she defeated all the GOP attacks for 25 years.

Pound to Dollar: CakeUlator by CakeBaker: amazon.com

One woman in critical condition, gunman dead after shooting at 15th & Wynkoop in Denver dpo.st via

I love it GOP presumptive nominee a bust so decides to tell the truth about and

How Pat Summitt inspired a generation of women si.com via